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The lack of natural daylight has a significant impact on human health. It can even be affected by a temporary disease – eye myopia, which manifests itself in the dark and is especially dangerous for drivers.

In autumn, the light decreases sharply, down to four minutes of daylight each day. The eyes are more strained in the dark. “Daylight comprises seven basic colors that change differently during the day. Artificial lighting can’t do that, and stays the same all day. Moreover, artificial light mostly consists of only three colors – yellow, orange, and red. They stimulate the human organism and, with long-term use, primarily affect our mental well-being. People can feel a greater degree of irritation or stress,” Petra Uhlářová, a Gemini Eye Clinic surgeon, described the effect of light on our health.

An excess of blue light from monitors, screens, or fluorescent lights causes:

  • trouble sleeping
  • mental and physical fatigue
  • eye fatigue and worsened ability to focus
  • redness of the eyes

Experts recommend blocking blue light at least 1.5 to 2 hours before sleep. It directly affects the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which it stops. This can negatively affect the quality of sleep, blood circulation, immunity, mental health, and even the organism’s aging. In practice, special night modes of electronic devices or special glasses with protection against blue light are used. For eye health, eye doctors also recommend regular eye yoga.

A temporary visual ailment – night myopia – may occur in poor lighting conditions or insufficiently lit rooms. It is most often encountered by drivers, pilots, or train drivers early in the morning or after dark. Myopia occurs with it, which eventually disappears on its own with sufficient lighting. The solution is prescription glasses with specially tinted filters and preferably with anti-reflective treatment.


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