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“I underwent a LASIK eye surgery, it was surprisingly fast, the laser procedure was not at all painful,” described Anita Arora Baljeet who had wished to quit wearing contact lenses for she had been suffering from infections and corneal ulceration. She is not the first one in her family to undergo a LASIK in the Gemini Eye Clinic. Her cousin, a physician, as well as his brother, had entrusted their eyes to the care of the Gemini surgeons. “And thus I could see the results and successes after LASIK and I came as well,” she added.

“I came with the aim of receiving the laser eye surgery treatment but in the end, I underwent a different procedure called intraocular lens exchange,” explains another patient, Supreena Longani Kaur, who could not cope with eyeglasses and lenses while for example swimming. In case, a laser eye surgery may not be carried out in a patient, or when this procedure would bring risks, the ophthalmologist prescribes glasses or suggests another treatment. That may, for instance, be a phakic lens implant as was also the case of this patient. The procedure, however, did not mean a lens exchange but consisted of a phakic lens implant insertion into the eye in front of the patient’s natural lens.

A preoperative examination and assessments free of charge are a matter of course at the Gemini Eye Clinics, and patients will learn whether a particular procedure is suitable for them.


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