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In March of this year, chief eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka claimed another of his firsts with the FineVision HP intraocular toric lens implantation. He thus continued the first implantation of another lens from the same manufacturer, which he was the first in the world to perform in Zlín 8 years ago. The toric trifocal lens addresses the need for glasses at all three distances in patients with astigmatism.

In 2016, dr. Stodůlka became the first surgeon to implant the world’s first FineVision HP. In March of this year, he was the first eye surgeon to implant a FineVison HP hydrophobic trifocal intraocular lens. With this lens, the need for glasses at all three distances can be eliminated in one step. It also corrects astigmatism. The first patient with a new intraocular lens underwent surgery at the Gemini Eye Clinic in Zlín. Before the operation, he had a high eye defect – 7 cylinders. He sees without glasses after the procedure.

Replacing intraocular lenses is the only solution for cataract surgery and a suitable alternative for patients who want to get rid of diopters after 45.  Toric lenses are used in patients with astigmatism or unevenly curved cornea.


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