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Two and a half million of Czechs suffer from allergies. Only five pieces of pollen of the size of two micrometers in one cubicle of the ambient air are enough for allergic reactions to occur. In the period from spring to autumn, those who are allergic cannot avoid pollen for plants bloom continuously and each of them releases about hundreds of millions of pollen grains.

An allergy is a strong response of your immune system to some outer stimulus and manifests itself on various body parts. It also affects eyes, when allergic inflammations occur most often as a result of a response to airborne allergens. The typical feature of an ocular allergic irritation is a sudden onset of troubles or significant itching. An eye allergy may manifest also as swollen eyelids, burning and watery eyes, and may be associated with rhinitis and or a rash on the eyelids. Sunglasses, suitable also for easing eye allergies, may serve as a prevention.

Once the symptoms appear, you should immediately rinse your eyes with cold water and seek medical help. Only a specialist will specify what the problems are, what their cause is, and will prescribe an appropriate therapy. People who self-diagnose themselves with an allergy, then buy an available medication for which no prescription is needed, pose a health risk to themselves.

An allergic reaction does not have to be caused only by pollen – should symptoms show outside the pollen season, these do not necessarily have to be the symptoms of an allergy. Pollen grains might be the most frequent, however, not the only source of such problems. People are often allergic to a number of other substances, most commonly to dust, mites, animal hair. An allergic reaction may also be provoked by medication, food, or by cosmetics.

Contact lenses are recommended not to be used unless the allergy troubles go off.


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