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The examination had been taken by 33 European ophthalmologists and more than a half of them did not succeed in the exam. The exam took from 9am to 3pm. It started with a written test with 250 answers taking 2,5 hour and went on with 4 oral examinations testing the knowledge of the scientific literature, solving of challenging cases of cataract and refractive surgery, and where surgical procedures in videos were discussed.

We list a short interview with dr. Stodůlka after the FEBOS-CR exam:

1. Why did you decide to take the FEBOS-CR exam?

The exam is designed for surgeons who teach eye surgery. In our Gemini clinics new surgeons are brought up and I thus consider it convenient that their chief surgeon has passed the FEBOS-CR examination. I was also attracted by the comparison of my knowledge with the knowledge of leading ophthalmologists from Europe.

2. Was the exam difficult for someone who has been doing ophthalmology for so many years and who lectures all over the world?

I must say that the exam was quite difficult. It may be seen in the fact that more than a half of the candidates did not pass it, although the majority were renowned European surgeons. There were 2 surgeons from a wester-european country and neither of them was successful, despite the fact that one of them is the former chair of a scientific society and the other one is even a member of the european scientific society committee.


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