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Stye is an unpleasant inflammation of the eyelid. It manifests itself in the form of a small lump almost everyone will encounter in life.

Why stye occurs in the eye, and how to avoid it? Stye can appear due to insufficient hygiene when using inappropriate cosmetics products, when the body’s defenses are weakened, or in connection with hormonal changes or other diseases, such as diabetes or skin inflammation.

It is explicitly caused by the eyelash bulb’s inflammation and the lid’s adjacent gland. Patients first experience itching, a tension on the edge of the eyelid, or pain while blinking. A swelling and a yellow grain will then appear on the affected area, which is caused by the pus accumulation of the affected gland and the eyelash follicle.

The grain of stye will disappear by itself. It is not dangerous for the eyes. It can be treated, for example, with antibiotic drops or special ointments. Another way to treat the condition is to use a warm compress or epilation of an eyelash with an inflamed follicle.

The disease is infectious, and therefore people suffering from this condition should enhance the hygiene of the affected area. It is not recommended to borrow personal hygiene items or cosmetics. One should not try to squeeze a stye grain on one’s own. Changing towels frequently and replacing contact lenses with glasses for some time is highly desirable. A decoction of safflower, an herb that works well for eye diseases, can also be helpful.



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