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The Gemini medical practice in Vienna recently relocated to newly renovated and larger premises. It was here that the famous Austrian influencer, Lisa, underwent a life-changing operation and shared her experience.

Austrian patients can undergo refractive and aesthetic procedures at the Vienna medical practice. Lisa Thoma, an influencer and university lecturer, chose to undergo laser eye surgery at Gemini due to her nearsightedness. The eye surgery transformed Lisa’s daily life, and after a month, she no longer remembers wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Her diopters had restricted her during everyday activities, whether enjoying vacation on exotic beaches or participating in her favorite sports.

The day of the surgery brought mixed emotions for Lisa – fear of the unknown and the procedure itself. However, she was also excited about the significant changes the surgery would bring. As Lisa says, “It is a day that will change your entire life.”

Once she entered the operating room, all her worries gradually dissipated. She was greeted by an excellent team of healthcare professionals who took perfect care of her. The speed of the surgery surprised Lisa the most, “They say the procedure only takes a few seconds, and it truly does! It’s astonishing! The speed of the surgery fascinated me.”

Her life has become so much simpler that she has already planned a vacation to hit the beach and enjoy the sun without any limitations.

Lisa now encourages others who are hesitant to undergo a similar procedure with the words, “I am a living proof. Don’t hesitate; it will change your life.”


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