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Several thousand Czechs undergo laser diopter removal procedures every year. At the Gemini Eye Clinic, patient safety is crucial. Although ophthalmology is undergoing rapid development and has the latest technology, there are still specific criteria for which ophthalmologists do not recommend laser eye surgery.

The most fundamental criteria are, above all, the patient’s overall health.  The patient must be in good physical and mental condition for the procedure. Laser diopter removal is not performed on pregnant and lactating women. The procedure itself would be entirely safe for them, but medications taken after surgery can cause changes in the child’s development. Therefore, ophthalmologists recommend planning the operation before pregnancy or after you stop breastfeeding.

The second most important parameter is the condition of the eye itself. The ophthalmologist will not recommend laser surgery if the patient has an insufficient corneal thickness, increased intraocular pressure, high corneal steepness, or retinal findings. Dry eye syndrome is becoming more common in young patients. This needs to be rethought first. Treatment with so-called artificial tears is used for this. However, laser treatments are also available for better tear film quality. In more severe cases, outstanding results can be achieved with acupuncture.

A detailed initial examination will determine whether the patient is suitable for the procedure. The ophthalmologist will suggest the most appropriate design based on the measured parameters. If they do not recommend the patient for diopter removal with laser, they offer another solution.


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