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Thanks to new technologies and methods, laser eye surgery has become more affordable in recent years. You can comfortably get rid of both low and high diopters in a few minutes. However, the procedure is not suitable for everyone. What other options can ophthalmologists offer patients?

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular. The advantage lies in its painlessness, safety, and fast recovery compared to other surgical procedures. The patient’s health is crucial, so they must meet the criteria for laser surgery. The initial eye examination reveals whether the patient is suitable for laser diopter removal. The essential information is age, parameters, condition of the eye, and sufficient tear film quality.

If the physician does not recommend laser diopter correction to the patient, they will offer other options for getting rid of glasses and lenses. The most common option is to implant a phakic lens. The procedure is also performed on younger patients with a more complicated visual impairment. Another alternative is to replace the intraocular lens. The surgery is suitable for patients from approximately 45 years of age.


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