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Although eye surgery is a matter of a few minutes, recovery should not be taken on  lightly. To ensure the best possible result, following specific rules and instructions after surgery is necessary.

1/ The most important thing is to follow your doctor’s instructions. How to take care of your eyes after surgery, what medicines, drops´, or ointments to take. Medications must be taken in the right proportion to avoid possible complications. 

2/ On the first day after surgery, the eyes should remain closed as much as possible. Keep them calm, don’t reach into them unnecessarily, and don’t rub them. The cornea, which is particularly sensitive after surgery, could be damaged or irritated.

3/ Regular visits to the ophthalmologist are an essential part of postoperative care. Attending all check-ups is vital to ensure the eye is healing properly.

4/ In the first days after surgery, it is recommended to wear protective sunglasses. The eyes may be sensitive to sunlight after the procedure. Wearing glasses can also prevent dust or other airborne particles from entering the eyes.

5/ Active movement must be limited for several weeks. Avoid lifting heavy loads and bending forward. For some time, the patient should also postpone visiting the swimming pool and sauna to prevent possible infection.

Recovery takes a few days. It can, nevertheless, be individual for each patient. However, if you are unsure about something, feel free to contact the Clinic. The health of your eyes and the excellent result of the operation is our top priority.


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