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Modern technologies assist in laser eye surgery. Also, thanks to them, the procedures are entirely safe, painless, and completely comfortable for the patient.

The field of ophthalmology is one of the youngest and fastest-growing medical disciplines, mainly due to new procedures and modern technologies. Farewell to glasses or lenses is thus increasingly available for patients. “Thanks to current technologies, it is possible to safely and painlessly remove up to 10 diopters. Among our patients, the most represented group are people between 25 and 30 years old. The ratio of women to men is almost balanced; there is about 55 percent of women. The patient’s stay in the operating room is about 20 minutes, and the operation itself lasts less than two minutes. Patients can already see the moment they leave the operating room. In just a few hours after the operation, there is a significant improvement in their vision,” said eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka.

Patients can be sure that they are in good hands and do not have to worry about laser surgery: “The equipment of eye clinics is usually top-notch, and many experts have a foreign reputation,” emphasized Pavel Stodůlka. After laser eye surgery, it usually takes a few days to return to everyday life.  However, visual acuity may resolve within two weeks of the procedure in exceptional cases.  Patient cooperation is a prerequisite for a perfect result. The patient should observe the postoperative recommendations for a month, such as eye protection during sports or wearing quality sunglasses with a UV filter, avoiding dusty or smoky environments, or not diving in dirty or chlorinated water.


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