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Dick Sechler

Cataract surgery

Dear Dr. Stodulka,

I want to personally thank you again for the nice job that you did on my eyes. You are a very good, friendly, and talented doctor. I also appreciate your talented and friendly staff. I realize that it was difficult for them to try to ‘practice’ their English skills since they don’t have much of an opportunity to practice, and like me with Czech, I am shy to speak even a little bit that I know. However, that being said, the ones who ‘dared’ to speak with me in English, I commend highly. Many of my American friends seemed quite surprised that I would venture to have such a precise surgery done in the Czech Republic.

I assured all of them that you were the number one surgeon for eye problems, especially cataract surgery, and that I trusted your expertise implicitly, especially with the recommendation of my friend Mirek Dostalek. Your equipment is of number one quality and the most modern. You see, many of my American friends are ethnocentric when it comes to anything outside of the USA, but not me. The medical care that I have received here in Czech has been very top notch and I am very well satisfied.
Your eternal friend,

In Christ,

Dick Sechler

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