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Monika Adamus

Laser diopter removal

I had the ReLEx SMILE laser surgery performed on my eyes in March 2016 and a year after the procedure I can say that it totally changed my quality of life immensely. I’ve had poor vision since mid-primary school. My drawbacks was -2.75 and -3.00 and a small astigmatism, certainly enough to make the use of contact lenses or glasses mandatory in daily life.

An operation was held in Zlín, performed by Dr. Stodulka. Same procedure pleasant, no pain, no complications. I’m absolutely mind-blown by how quickly and simple this whole procedure was. After the surgery, my vision got more stable day by day. During the whole two weeks I needed to use both prescription eye drops three times a day cause of eyes got heavy and tired quickly. After about three months I had a small +0.5 drawback on one eye, which gradually leveled to zero during the next four months. “The halo effect” on light during driving a car was maintained about two weeks after the surgery. After two months I came back to full fitness, bike, roller .. another- better life. My eyes look great, the cornea is healed perfectly, I still like to use the eye drops after a long day or a lot of wind when I feel they dried up a bit.

Conclusion: I can see as perfectly as I ever could and I’m as happy as a clam! I know that being nervous is part of the whole deal and everyone gets cold feet right before it. But I can only encourage you to consider it, if you were scared before. SMILE is so gentle on your eye and it’s really absolutely incredible.

Thank you very much to Dr. Stodulka and to the entire team in Zlin for highly professional service, thank you and kind regards!

Monika Adamus

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