Laser surgery without creating corneal lamella (flap). The least invasive technologies available for the correction of myopia. Utilizes the VisuMax 3D femtosecond laser manufactured by the German firm, Carl Zeiss.


The femtosecond laser first separates a portion of tissue in the shape of a lenticule deep in the cornea (corneal stroma). At the same time, the same laser creates a small tunnel-shaped incision of the width of 4 mm. Through this incision the surgeon removes the “lenticule” created by the laser. Such a removal of a small portion of tissue from the inside of cornea results in a change in its curvature, which corrects the eye disorder.

Animation of the surgery

The cut (incision) is considerably smaller compared to the creation of the corneal lamella when other methods are employed. This results in a number of benefits, among which in particular are the overall minimal invasiveness of the surgery and the minimal mechanical disruption of the cornea. Thanks to the miniature incision the risk of infection is also very low.

Main benefits

  • The entire treatment requires the use of a single laser only.
  • Biomechanical stability remains unaffected and the risk of the occurrence of dry eye syndrome is reduced.
  • Less than 4 mm wide incision – minimization of damage to nerve-endings in the cornea.
  • Quick outpatient treatment where the eye is anaesthetized by eye drops only.
  • Without post-operative complications related to corneal lamella (e.g. shifting, etc.)


The surgery is available for myopic eyes (i.e. negative dioptres), typically within the following ranges:

  • Sphere: from – 3 D to – 10.0 D
  • Cylinder: from 0 to 5 D
  • Spherical equivalent: from – 0.75 to – 10.0 D
  • Relatively lower precision compared to laser surgery on the top 6D laser platform
 The surgery is  also available for hypermetropic eyes!


Other method offered by Gemini Eye Clinic – e.g. the advanced DIAMANT 6D LASIK – enabling correction of both myopia and hypermetropia.


One step
One laser
No corneal lamella