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Zeiss company, the manufacturer of the laser, had chosen the Gemini Eye Clinic as one of the 8 eye care facilities in the world, which has been an immense honor. It means they trust the work of Gemini surgeons as well as their expertise. The method allows a higher stability of visual outcomes and at the same time brings more safety. The laser separates the tissue which the surgeon removes from the eye by means of a miniature incision, and thus diopters get corrected. Corneal disrupters are minimal, the diopters are corrected under the corneal surface.

The Gemini surgeons have already had an extensive experience with the ReLEx Smile method; since July 2014 they have been using it for the correction of myopia. The correction of hypermetropia with the flap-free method had, however, not been possible up to now.

The first Czech patient was operated on by the chief surgeon of the Gemini Eye Clinic, Pavel Stodůlka. He also talked to her about the surgery on the day after the procedure itself. “I would like to praise everyone at the clinic,“ she appreciated the work of the Gemini clinic staff. “Dr. Stodůlka has golden hands,“ she was happy with the result of the surgery.



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